Combat Reports

Listed here are very rare first person typed reports of aerial combat in WWI and WWII. In most cases these are addressed to higher headquarters, signed by the pilots and sometimes signed by by their commander or an intelligence officer. Some are original first copies, others are carbons on flimsies. Unusual and not often encountered.

  • WWI Royal Flying Corps Logbook with Combat - 1916

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     Original log with entries on 33 pages.  The cover is heavily soiled with an unintelligible pilot name (more later on this).  Log begins on 14 Jul 1916 with aerodrome practice with a student and is followed by solo flights thru July.  In early August there are instructional flights in the B.E. 2C/D and then later that month there is combat (bombing) in France (Arras, Greville, Souchey, Viles).  In September there are entries about bombing German airfields, and then using phosphorus bombs.  There is also a mention that month about attacking a balloon, then dropping 20 lb bombs near more balloons.  The log ends on 8 Nov 1916 with time in a Bristol Scout.  There are initials R.E.L. and 13 Sqdn in the log; this may be the owner of the log and in various locations the log is certified by W.S. Douglas, Capt, RFC, Cmdr 43 Sqdn.  While cover is soiled, entries are good although handwritting is a bit difficult to decipher.  A rare logbook in any case. (Automatic ordering not active for this item.  Inquire and an invoice will be sent.)

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  • Rare WWI RAF Combat Report w/Kill - 1918

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     Combat in the Air  form typed both sides.  Front details statistics of the combat by Chapman and Steele of 8 Sqdn on 24 Sep 1918 in an Armstrong-Whitworth (likely an F.K.8.) observation/bombing aircraft.  Reverse is a typed narrative of the combat in which the RAF crew shot down an L.V.G.  About good +, 5 holes punched around left margin.  These actual combat reports are becoming very difficult to find, especially one with a recorded victory.

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  • WWII Report on a Visit to RAF 137 Squadron - 6 Mar 1942

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     Typed copy (two sheets typed both sides), 8x10". Report of Hugh Scott on the use of Westland Whirlwinds by the squadron over a nine month period.  Sections on a) Pilots, b) Maintenance, c) Conclusion.  Very detailed assessment of the unit's problems.  Stapled and 2-hole punched.  Very good, usual age stains and bumps.

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  • WWII "Secret" Intelligence Narrative Teletype - 4 April 1945

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     From HQ Bomber Command to the Air Ministry, 10 Air Groups, all RAF bases and 3 Air Divisions.  Stamped "IMMEDIATE & SECRET" at the top and carries a file stamp from 223 Sq dated 6 Apr 1945.  Reports on attacks on Nordhausen, Lutzkendorf, Leuna, Harburg, Berlin and Magdeburg, also minelaying.  Attacks were made by Lancasters, Halifaxes and Mosquitoes.  Report also lists 17 aircraft missing.  Teletype is 8.25x25" (only about 14" shown in photo).  Very good.

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  • WWII Signals Office Teletype Intelligence Report - 1944

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     One page original teletype, 8.5x10", from Signals Office, RAF Mucdenham, HQ 3 Grp to HQ Bomber Command, 11 Dec 44.  Appears to be an intelligence post-strike report with sections on 1) Flak w/locations & heights, 2) Sinking ship w/lifeboats, 3) Submarine submerging, 4) Aircraft falling (two a/c blew up, one a/c with two engines out one side and firing flares).  Some ink annotations on this original teletype, about very good overall. 

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  • WWII British "Top Secret" Report on Radar Bombing - March 1944

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     Typewritten mimeo report on three 8x14" paper pages, both sides.  From the Operational Research Section (AEAF) titled "Radar Aids to the Bombing of 'Noball' Targets"., Report 9, Copy 39.  Each page marked "TOP SECRET".  The report assess possible damage by radar bombing using Mopsquitoes, Mitchells and Sterlings.  Apprndix A: "Calculation of Damage by Mosquitoes and Mitchells; Appendix B: "Calculation of Damage by Bomber Command Night Attacks".  Pages are stapled with a single punched hole nearby.  Generally good +.

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  • "Dambusters" Op Order - 1943

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     Modern Xerox copy of the May 16, 1943 operations order No. B976 for the famous Dambusters Raid by the RAF (6 pp), plus a two page statement by "Bomber" Harris on his WWII bombing strategy and a copy of Leonard Chesire's Memorial Service Tribute to Air Marshall Harold "Mick" Martin (4pp).  While a modern copy of these materials, they are historically significant and most interesting reading. On legal paper, two-sided, stapled.

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  • Official WWII History, 16th Bombardment Group, 1944-45

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     Group was comprised of the B-29 15th, 16th and 17th Bomb Sq.  60pp, illus, 8.5x11", wrps, stapled.  Comprehensive content to include list of KIA/MIA, first station at Dalhart, Texas; Omaha, Nebraska; Borinquen Field, PR; Guam and then 14 targets in Japan (aerial photos of damage).  Extensive photos of personnel to include crews with rosters.  Contents good but cover stained and spine split, so overall fair-good. 

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  • RFC Pilot Log Book - 1916

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    Original Pilot Log Book for "J.A. Watson Bounie, 2Lt, Royal Flying Corps" (unclear signature on cover).  Book is 4.5x7", form date is 1915.  Inside front cover has a pasted mimeo list of instructions for "...Keeping Pilot's Log".   Log has six (6) double pages of ink entries for the period March-April 1916.  Appears to be training in RE7, Martinsyde A-D, and RE5 machines.  Notes on broken tail skid, flat tire, landings (short, good, too fast!), engine missing and "machine heeled over after landing".  Training all at Central Flying School, about 24 hr (pilot claimed he had 130 hr prior to RFC)  Generally good condition except for several small spine chips.  These logs are uncommon today.

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