Combat Reports

Listed here are very rare first person typed reports of aerial combat in WWI and WWII. In most cases these are addressed to higher headquarters, signed by the pilots and sometimes signed by by their commander or an intelligence officer. Some are original first copies, others are carbons on flimsies. Unusual and not often encountered.

  • "Dambusters" Op Order - 1943

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     Modern Xerox copy of the May 16, 1943 operations order No. B976 for the famous Dambusters Raid by the RAF (6 pp), plus a two page statement by "Bomber" Harris on his WWII bombing strategy and a copy of Leonard Chesire's Memorial Service Tribute to Air Marshall Harold "Mick" Martin (4pp).  While a modern copy of these materials, they are historically significant and most interesting reading. On legal paper, two-sided, stapled.

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  • Official WWII History, 16th Bombardment Group, 1944-45

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     Group was comprised of the B-29 15th, 16th and 17th Bomb Sq.  60pp, illus, 8.5x11", wrps, stapled.  Comprehensive content to include list of KIA/MIA, first station at Dalhart, Texas; Omaha, Nebraska; Borinquen Field, PR; Guam and then 14 targets in Japan (aerial photos of damage).  Extensive photos of personnel to include crews with rosters.  Contents good but cover stained and spine split, so overall fair-good. 

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  • Royal Flying Corps Pilot's Flying Logbook - 1918

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     Army Book 425, pilot's log of Leslie Egbert Edmunds, RFC/RAF.  Log has entires beginning with flight training on Jan 14, 1918 and continues to Jan 18, 1919.  There are 22 double page entries from 49th Training Sqdn, then 76 Sq and finally 36 Sq.  Edmunds first soloed on Feb 5th for 10 minutes and three landings after just 4 hours of dual instruction!  He flew BE-2E, DH-6, BE-12, RE-8, Bristol Fighter, FE2G and Sopwith Pup.  The log has entries of forced landings, crashes, firing of Lewis Gun, aerobatics with "loops", bombing practice, air fighting, spotting for anti-aircraft, test flights, ferrying, etc.  It appears that all flying was in England and there is a note on Nov 11, 1918: "News of Armistice on landing."  Edmunds seems to have logged about 170 hrs in his first year.  Log has cover wear and soiling as is common on something banging around in pockets and aircraft cockpits; interior is very good.  A fascinating look at RFC flying during the last year of WWI from a first orientation flight to the Armistice. SOLD

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  • Rare WWII Missing Air Crew Report Lot - Lt. Philip R. Scott, B-24 Pilot

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     Very interesting group of papers related to a ditching at sea following a raid on Lintz, Austria.  Of particular interest is an official four-page "Missing Air Crew Report" marked "Confidential" which lists details of the mission, the crew, the aircraft, and a witness statement. Included in the report is a hand-drawn map of the approximate location of the crash.  The report is a carbon but is signed by the adjutant and dated 14 Jan 1945.  Three of the 11 crew died in the ditching and another was buried at sea the day after.  The remaining seven were rescued two days later.  Also included are several letters to Scott from Air University acknowledging Scott's participation in an Air-Sea rescue publication ("Airmen Against the Sea, An Analysis of Sea Survival Experiences", 1950) which is also included in the lot. Additionally, there is an 8x10" photo approach map for Liberando Field (presumably the home station of Scott's crew), a 1943-dated AAF map "Tunis-Palermo", photo copies of Scott's Sea Squatters Club and Goldfish Club menbership cards and research materials regarding Scott's rendition of his survival experience.  A very complete lot of sea survival papers including the never-before-seen Missing Air Crew Report.  Condition of all items is good with minor age-related flaws. SOLD

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  • RFC Pilot Log Book - 1916

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    Original Pilot Log Book for "J.A. Watson Bounie, 2Lt, Royal Flying Corps" (unclear signature on cover).  Book is 4.5x7", form date is 1915.  Inside front cover has a pasted mimeo list of instructions for "...Keeping Pilot's Log".   Log has six (6) double pages of ink entries for the period March-April 1916.  Appears to be training in RE7, Martinsyde A-D, and RE5 machines.  Notes on broken tail skid, flat tire, landings (short, good, too fast!), engine missing and "machine heeled over after landing".  Training all at Central Flying School, about 24 hr (pilot claimed he had 130 hr prior to RFC)  Generally good condition except for several small spine chips.  These logs are uncommon today.

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  • William R. Dunn - "First American Ace - WWII"

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    Two original letters from William R. Dunn as a Chief Warrant Officer (USAF) to William Hess dated 15 November 1962 (two pages typed) and 13 Feb 1963.  In the first letter, Bill Dunn describes the basis for his claim as the First American Ace, described as the first American citizen ace.  Dunn was in the Eagle Squadron and then moved to the RAF rather than American forces.  He did, however, transfer to the USAAF in 1944.  He subsequently moved to China as commander of two air bases in 1945.  Important first person account of a unique fighter pilot!  SOLD

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