1947-Present Books

  • The History of the Wings Club

    SKU: 18-AIR-00021

    Knight, Clayton.  The History of the Wings Club, 1942-1967, The First Twenty Five Years.  New York, The Wings Club, 1967.  307pp, illus, hardcover in blue cloth.  Good, coffee stains on text block edge. 

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  • The Newcomen Society in North America Booklets

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    The American Newcomen Society has a special interest in transportation history.  These finely printed 6x9" booklets in wraps celebrate invited addresses by prominent American industrialists and leaders in civil aviation.  Most are very good; a few have very light library surplus stamps.  (Please order individual items through inquiry; online orders will not work.  I will send invoice following your indication of interest.  However, the entire lot may be ordered from this site)
    a.  Douglas, Donald W.  Wings for the World, the DC Family in Global Service.  1955, 24pp.  $7
    b.  Gardner, George E.  First in New England Skies, 20th Anniversary Northeast Airlines.  1953, 24pp.  $25
    c.  Maytag, L.B. Jr.  Palmetto-Hopper, The History of National Airlines, Inc.  1963, 28pp.  $15
    d.  Shea, Andrew B.  Panagra, Linking the Americas during 25 Years.  1954, 24pp.  $15
    e.  Mueller, Arthur E.A.  Air Service for Main Street, U.S.A. (North Central Airlines)  1961, 24pp.  $25
    f.  Beard, Chas. E.  Thos E. Braniff (1883-1954), Southwest Pioneer in Air Transport.  1955, 32pp.  $20
    g.  Damon, Ralph S.  TWA, Nearly Three Decades in the Air.  1952, 32pp.  $20
    h.  Peach, Robert E.  Four-Seaters to Fan Jets, The Story of Mohawk Airlines, Inc.  1964, 32pp.  $30
    i.  Six, Robert F.  Continental Airlines, A Story of Growth.  1959, 24pp.  $35
    j.  Hall, Floyd D.  Sunrise at Eastern, Re-Birth of a Pioneer Airline.  1965, 32pp.  $25
    k.  Patterson, William A.  25 Years Among the Stars, United Airlines 1926-1951.  1951, 24pp.  $10
    The price shown below is for the entire lot, including two duplicates.

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  • Pan American's Pacific Pioneers

    SKU: 18-AIR-00004

    Krupnick, Jon E.  Pan American's Pacific Pioneers - A Pictorial History of Pan Am's Pacific First Flights 1935-1945.  Missoula, MT, Pictorial Histories Publ Co., 1997.  315pp, color illus to include PanAm collectibles.  Large 9x12" format, pictorial covers, as new.  A very useful reference on the PanAm Clippers and a beautiful book.

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  • Aviation Pioneers

    SKU: 18-B-00003

    Aviation Pioneers - A Collection of U.S. Stamps.  U.S. Postal Service, 1992.  56pp, color illus, wrps, 8.5x11".  Lavish publication honoring 12 aviation pioneers who were depicted in postage stamps in the 1970s-90s.  As new in the original Post Office sales envelope (but without the 14 stamps originally in the package).  I have a small number of these and will discount for quantity.  (Originally sold for $17)

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  • Flight - A Pictorial History of Aviation

    SKU: 18-B-00002

    Ward, Baldwin H. (editor and publ).  FLIGHT - 50 Years of Flight That Changed the World.  Los Angeles, Year Publ, 1953.  Large (11x14") single-subject annual with 1000 photos in 192pp, brown leatherette covers.  History of flight from early ballooning to the cold war era.  Very good condition. SOLD

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  • Flight Path - Courtney

    SKU: 17-B-00038

    Courtney, Frank T.  Flight Path.  London, Wiliam Kimber, 1973.  297pp, illus, INSCRIBED by author to Dave Young who also signed on end paper.  6x9", hard cover (good) w/ fair dj (in mylar, edge wear, one old tape repair).  Famous aviation figure from 1913 to 1953.  Early aviator, WWI pilot, test pilot, 1928 trans-Atlantic attempt, etc.  He was at the center of aircraft development for over 50 years.  A fascinating story and a rare signed copy. SOLD

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  • Fifty Years of Aviation Progress

    SKU: 17-B-00030

    Doolittle, James H. (Chairman, Natl Comm to Observe 50th Anniv of Powered Flight).  Washington DC, 1953.  59pp, wrps, 8.5 x 11".  10 chapters, 30 statistical tables such as list of Curtiss pupils, aircraft deliveries WWI and WWII, 1920 aeronautical records, key events in transoceanic flight, official FAI world air records, etc.  A wealth of data packed in a small space; a very valuable reference and the first one I have owned.  About fair-good, cover soil but contents clean and sound.

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  • Return With Honor - Scott O'Grady

    SKU: 17-B-00029

    O'Grady, Scott (with Jeff Coplon).  Return With Honor.  New York, Doubleday, 1995.  206pp, illus, hardcover w/dj.  Very good.  Inscribed and signed by author on half-title page.   O'Grady escaped and evaded for six days after his F-16 was hit by a SAM over Bosnia.  A gripping story that kept US viewers glued to their TVs nearly 20 years ago. 

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  • Ladybirds - Women Pilots in America

    SKU: 17-B-00022

    Holden, Henry M. and Captain Lori Griffith.  Ladybirds - The untold Story of Women Pilots in America.  Mt. Freedpm, NJ; Blackhawk Publ, 1993.  214pp, illus, wrps, 6 x 9", good.  Stories of famous women aviators from 1910 - 1990.  A useful reference; continued in Ladybirds II.

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  • Ladybirds II (Women in Aviation)

    SKU: 17-B-00020

    Holden, Henry M. and Lori Griffith.  Ladybirds II - The Continuing Story of American Women in Aviation.  Mt Freedom N.J., Black Hawk Publ, 1993 (1st ed, 1st prt).  331pp, illus, dj (mylar).  Very good.  Signed by Capt Lori Griffith on half title page.  Also signed inside front cover by Kathryn Kelly Titland "WASP 43-W-4".  This is a continuation of Holden's book "Ladybirds".  Stories of over 100 women aviators up to and including airline and recent military pilots.

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