1947-Present Books

  • Sieger Zeppelin Post Catalog - 1968

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     Famous and widely used catalog describing Zeppelin stamps, flown covers and their postmarks.  288pp, illus, 4x8", wrps.  Very good. 

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  • Siegel Sale Catalog No. 361 - 1969

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     Siegel, Robert A.  Airpost Stamps of the World/Zeppelin and Airpost Covers/Europe, Sale No. 361.  Sale Nov 12-14, 1969.  84pp, illus,1724 lots, includes prices realized insert.  Good, light cover soil.

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  • The Snowbirds Story - 1987

    SKU: 20-MISC-14

     Rycquart, Barbara.  The Snowbird Story.  London, Ontario, Canada/Third Eye/1987.  94pp, illus, 8.5x11", wrps.  Likely sold at a 1987 Snowbirds Air Show in Windsor, Ontario (airshow brochure tucked inside front cover).  Signed by author and four of the Snowbirds (with their crew position numbers).  Excellent/as new.

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  • Cold War USAF Re-enlistment Brochure - 1951

    SKU: 20-MISC-9

     Small (5x7") brochure aimed at enlisted personnel's dependents in the Cold War Air Force.  Inside the cover is a message from Gen Hoyt Vandenberg, Chief of Staff.  There is a section called "What Lies Ahead" with a main thread of combating Communism.  Following is a spread: "YOUR AIRMAN - Backbone of the Air Force" and then "Your Airman Will Benefit by Reenlisting"...."You Benefit, Too!", focusing on medical benefits. commissaries and exchanges and quarters allowance.  12pp, illus, publication date of 8-30-51.  Very good. 

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  • Yeager & Rutan - "VOYAGER" Signed

    SKU: 20-B-2

     Yeager, Jeana and Dick Rutan, VOYAGER.  New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1987.  337pp, illus, dj, excellent.  Inscribed by Yeager and signed by Rutan on the title page.  Hard to believe this round-the-world flight occured nearly 30 years ago.  This book belongs in every serious aviation library.  A unique opportunity to acquire a signed copy.

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  • A Chronicle of the Aviation Industry in America, 1903-1947 (w/supplements to 1949)

    SKU: 19-B-6

     Slick 9x12" publication of the Eaton Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, OH.  Subtitled, "A Salute to the Aviation Industry".  The basic publication is 98pp with two or more pages dedicated to the key events in each year.  The 1947-1948 supplement expands on 1947 and completes 1948 in 16 pages.  All three publications are profusely illustrated with photographs including full page collages of 20 aircraft. The 1949 supplement summarizes that year in 16 pages.  Covers are metallic silver on card.  Condition is very good with some light cover scuffing.  A useful reference for the advanced aero library.

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  • Air Strike - Soviet Union Booklet in English - circa 1950s

    SKU: 19-B-5

     [7 Soviet Authors] and Ogden, Dennis (translator).  Air Strike, Heroes of the War in the Air.  Moscow, Foreign Languages Publishing House, ca. 1952.  116pp, wrps, 4.5x6.5".  Eight short stories of Soviet Union aviation heroes, largely from WWII.  Very good condition.  An unusual publication in English.  Rubber stamp of title page: "Printed in Soviet Union".

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  • Your Aerospace World - Civil Air Patrol 1976

    SKU: 19-B-4

     Textbook for CAP Cadets, Your Aerospace World.  CAP HQ, Maxwell AFB, AL, circa 1976.  223pp, illus, wrps, 3-hole.  Student workbook with chapters on Heritage of Flight, Aircraft and their Uses, Propulsion and Flight, Aerial Navigation and the Weather, Space Utilization and the Aerospace Community.  Each chapter has student exercises.  About VG, some toning on the cover edges and spine.

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  • History of the United States Air Force - 1961

    SKU: 19-PILOT-5

     ATC Phamplet 190-1.  History of the United States Air Force.  Hq ATC, Randolph AFB, TX, 1 June 1961.  340pp, illus, wrps, stapled, 3-hole.  Concise history with 25 chapters beginning with Thaddeus Lowe in the Civil War and continuing thru Korea.  Easy reading; use by cadets in OCS, ROTC and the Academy, and in follow-on professional schools for officers.  Front cover stamped "For Student Use Only" (why, I do not know!).  About very good condition.

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  • J.P. Obeyesekere's SOLO FLYER

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     Obeyesekere, J.P.  Solo Flyer, Auster VP-CAO, Overflying 3 Continents. No place, no date, ca. 1990.  94pp, illus, oblong wraps, 12x8".  Likely privately printed by the author who completed a 10,000 mile solo flight from the U.K. to Sri Lanka in 1946 in a very small aircraft.  A comprehensive report of the flight to include log book facsimiles, correspondence, in flight photos, etc. Excellent condition.

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