• Universal Pictures Photo of Hindenburg

    SKU: 22-ZEPP-11

     Glossy b&w showing the Hindenburg over NYC on her way to disaster at Lakehurst. Lengthy typed text on the reverse regarding the movie and its stars. Excellent, one minor corner crease.

    Price: $10.00
  • Airship Envelope Entrance Hatch Photo

    SKU: 22-ZEPP-10

     Stamped on the reverse from the Aviation & Space Div, National Museum of Science and Technology, Ottawqa, Canada (no date), negative #8177.  8x10 with a 5.5x9" image. Subject shows a civilian being assisted by a navy man into a retractable catilevered hatch in the envelope of an unknown airship. Very good.  SOLD

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  • Akron Victim Press Release - 1933

    SKU: 22-ZEPP-9

     Acme official press photo, 5x7", glossy b&w.  Subject of the press release pasted on the reverse is Lieut. George Calnan who was lost in the crash of the Akron off the coast of New Jersey.  Also noted is that Calnan took the Olympic oath for the United States at the 1932 Olympic Games where he was on the fencing team.  Good +; some minor wrinkles in right margin.

    Price: $12.00
  • Press Photo on Akron Disaster - 1933

    SKU: 22-ZEPP-8

     Original official Acme press release, 5x7", glossy b&w.  Subject is US Navy Captain Gordon Haines, Chief of Staff at the Philadelphia Navy Yard who will conduct the investigation into the cause of the Akron airship disaster.  Press release pasted to the reverse along with rubber stamps.  Press release is dated 4/4/1933.  Fair - good; some wrinkles and one corner fold.

    Price: $10.00
  • Press Photo of Fastest Round Trip Across Atlantic - 1928

    SKU: 22-P-33

    Scme News Picture 6.5x8.5", b&w glossy, press release pasted to reverse.  Subject is G.N. Crouse who set a record as a passenger on the Graf Zeppelin to Germany and the SS Aquitania back to the U.S.  Good; usual stamps and marks on the reverse and crayon annotations on verso for publishing.

    Price: $10.00
  • British R80 Airship Photo - circa 1920s

    SKU: 22-ZEPP-7

     Vintage copy, 8x10", image size 6.5x9.5", b&w.  Handwritten text on reverse reads:  "British R-80; note gun position of top."  Good; small margin tear upper right.

    Price: $10.00
  • Navy K-2 Photo

    SKU: 22-ZEPP-6

     Assumed Goodyear original 8x10", glossy b&w.  Image is a K-2 with mooring lines out and ground personnel at work.  Negative number in lower left is 1690-38K.  Typed on reverse is:"404,000 Cu. ft. non-rigid airship".  Tape strip on reverse top edge is likely from a binder.  About good; some image problems between airship and horizon.

    Price: $15.00
  • K-7 Airship 1st Trial

    SKU: 22-ZEPP-5

     Official and original photo from Goodyear, 8x10, b&w, glossy.  Red rubber stamp on reverse: "Goodyear Aircraft Corporation/Akron, Ohio".  Typed text: "K-7 Airship - 1st Trial Flight/Photograph No. 334 - G.A.C. Neg. No. 42042707".  Formerly in a three-ring binder; has folded-over card with 3-holes pasted on reverse. Very good.

    Price: $25.00
  • U.S. Navy Airship Rollout Photo

    SKU: 22-ZEPP-4

     Looks like an M-Class, sharp 8x10" glossy b&w with print number on the reverse: A 44062860, likely from USN or Goodyear files.  Excellent.

    Price: $18.00
  • Airship Photo Lot - all circa 1910s-30s

    SKU: 22-ZEPP-3

     Nine (9) small snapshot-size photos and negs, average about 2x3.5" each.  Many are identified on the reverse.  Top row, l. to r.: R101 mooring mast (lengthy ink notation on reverse), LZ-38, LZ-93; Second row, l. to r.: LZ-86, LZ-97; Third row, l. to r.: negative of the USN C-5, two unidentified airships; Bottom: SE-5 above an airship.  All are very good or better.  Price is for the lot of 9.

    Price: $35.00