• Der Freiballon in Theorie und Praxis - 2 Vol. Boxed - 1912

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    Mehl, Adolf.  Der freiballon in Theorie und Praxis (Free Balloons in Theory and Practice).  Stuttgart, Franckh'fchen, n.d. (ca. 1912).  Vol I 259pp, Vol II 266pp, illus, dj, original box.  5.5x8", about very good.  End papers have color tables of the 50 colored pennants of flying clubs throughout Germany.  Some edge chips to dj.  A beautifully illustrated set; Vol I is mostly history and ballooning basics including equipment on board, flying fields, etc.  Vol II covers meteorology and more details on equipment including gas generators.  German text.

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  • The Airship - Sprigg

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    Sprigg, Christopher.  The Airship - Its Design, History, Operation and Future.  London, Sampson Low Marston Ltd., n.d. (ca. 1930).  248pp, illus, fair, shaken, ink gift inscription f.f.e.p.  Good coverage of history of airships, present operations, challenges.

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  • The Defense of London, 1915-1918

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    Rawlinson, A.  The Defense of London, 1915-1918.  London & New York, Andrew Melrose Ltd., 1923 (2nd edition).  267pp, illus, about fair with cover wear, two small tears in hinge/spine cover top and bottom.  Indexed in two parts: I) The Defence Against Zeppelins, II) The Defence Against Aeroplanes.  Nice photos of anti-aircraft guns.  Focus is on defence from anti-aircraft although defence by aircraft is covered, too. 

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  • Thaddeus Lowe - America's One Man Air Corps

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    Hoehling, Mary.  Thaddeus Lowe - America's One Man Air Corps.  Chicago, Kingston House, 1958189pp, 6x8", dj.  Very good, dj in mylar.  Written for the teenage reader; unfortunately no illustrations.  Still, a must in a Civil War or ballooning library (of course, I have one myself).

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    17-ZEPP- 00036
  • "Z181" gegen Bukarest

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    (Anon: Author is Officer in the Zeppelin Service).  Z181 gegen Bukarest.  Berlin, August Scherl, 1916.  107pp, wrps, pictorial paper cover.  About fair-good, chips on lower and upper spine.  Story of Zeppelin attacks on Bucarest, either real or attempted.

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  • Graf Zeppelins Fernfahrten - 1910

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    Hergesell, Prof. Dr., Baron C. von Bassus and Dr. Hugo Eckener.  Graf Zeppelins Fernfahrten Schilderungen in Wort und Bild.  Stuttgart, 1910.  32pp, photo illus, oblong 9x6", wrps with pictorial cover.  German text, very good.  Eckener was the manager of the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin during the inter-war years, and was commander of the famous Graf Zeppelin for most of its record-setting flights, including the first airship flight around the world, making him the most successful airship commander in history. 

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  • The Story of the Airship (Non-Rigid)

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    Allen, Hugh.  The Story of the Airship (non-rigid), A study of One of America's Lesser Known Defense Weapons.  Chicago, Lakeside Press, 1943(second printing).  74pp, illus, 6x9", no dj, good.  Nice history of airships with emphasis on the Goodyear program for the US Navy.  Uncommon.

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  • Airshipworld Journal - December 2001

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    Issue No. 50 of the Lighter-Than-Air Institute, Auckland, New Zealand.  31pp, illus, 8.5x11", excellent.  Articles: Akron Airship Historical Centre, SL-2 model, Engr of High Altitude, Long-Endurance Airships, USN Airships v. Subs in WWII (long article), recent developments, etc. 

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  • Im Zeppelin uber der Schweiz

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    von Schiller, Hans.  Im Zeppelin uber der Schweiz.  Zurich, Orell Fussli, 1930.  16pp plus 55 photo illus.  5x8", pictorial hard cover (no dj as sold). Very good.  A picture story of a Zeppelin flight over Switzerland with detailed descriptions of each photo.  German text. 

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  • Who Destroyed the Hindenburg?

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    Hoehling, A.A.  Who Destroyed the Hindenburg?  London, Robert Hale, Ltd., 1962.  191pp, illus, 6x9".  Very good in dj.  Another in a long line of conspiracy theories, this one of sabotage.

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