• Three USS Akron Postcards

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     Color photo cards entitled "Close-Up of Construction of the U.S.S. Akron Navy Airship" (#47), "Helium Cell in U.S.S. Akron Havy Airship" (#48), and "Construction work on U.S.S. Akron, Navy airship" (#49).  Excellent, postally unused.

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  • Airship Issue - Naval Aviation News

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     September 1975, 40 pp, 8x10".  12pp photo-illus article on the history of airships with emphasis on the US Navy's role in airship use and development.  Also a 6-page article on the history of USN aerial photography and a centerpiece on the North American T-28 B&C.  Good; light cover spotting, interior clean.  SOLD

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  • Press Photo of Three Prominent Airship Commanders - 1934

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     Original 3.5x5.5" b&w photo of LtCmdr Herbert Wiley (Shenandoah crew, Los Angeles & Macon commander and famous WWII hero), Admiral C.E. Rosendahl (Commanded Lakehurst NAS, the Los Angeles and Akron) and Anton Heinen (German airship pilot who supervised construction of the Shenandoah).  On the reverse of the photo is a pasted-on newsphoto with stamped date of Oct 6, 1934. About fair-good; light fingerprint smudges on the front.

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  • Original Photo of LZ-128 Mock-Up

    SKU: 21-ZEPP-366

     Small 3.25x4.5" vintage b&w photo of a large mock-up of the LZ-128 inside a banquet or dining hall.  There is a stairway leading to the gondola and two men visible in the windows. To the left in the photo is a suspended American flag!  The LZ-128 was never built and the project was abandoned, to be followed of course by LZ-129, the famous Hindenburg.  Excellent condition.

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  • Zeppelin L-49 Capture Postcard - 1917

    SKU: 21-ZEPP-365

     Vintage French photo card with text upper right of the capture of the L-49 near Bourbonne-Les-Bains on 20 Oct 1917.  Light foxing both sides, postally unused. Fair. 

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  • Zeppelin LZ-11, "Viktoria Luise" Postcard

    SKU: 21-ZEPP-364

     Vintage photo of famous pre-WWI airship.  The Viktoria Luise was launched in 1912 as a civilian airship used by the DELAG company.  It was later pressed into military use for training but was destroyed when it broke apart in 1915.  Excellent.

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  • LZ 129 "Hindenburg" Postcard

    SKU: 21-ZEPP-363

     Vintage photo postcard of the Hindenburg at Rhein-Main, Frankfurt, in front of the airship dock.  Excellent, postally unused. 

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  • LZ-127 "Graf Zeppelin" Portfolio & Envelope Fabric - circa 1930's

    SKU: 21-ZEPP-362

     Wonderful portfolio, 13"x10", containing 15 plates with tipped-in black and white photos of the construction and interior design of this famous airship (only one photo is pictured to the left).  Even better is a folded 6"x6" piece of fabric from the Graf Zeppelin's envelope.  The cover is lightly sun-toned at the bottom edge but otherwise the portfolio is very good.  While no date is present, I suspect this was produced very early in the life of the LZ-127 because only one photo shows the airship in flight.

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  • Zeppelin ZRIII (USS Los Angeles) - 1924

    SKU: 21-B-41

     Pochhammer, Bruno.  ZR III.  Freiburg, Theodor Fisher, 1924.  112pp, illus, 43 b&w photos, red cloth hard cover, 5x7", German text.  Terrific two-sided foldout of the airships' layout (see lower photo for one side).  Story of the construction, features and transfer to the U.S. as reparations for WWI where she became the Los Angeles.  Very good; a few pencil underlines, one endpaper old repair. SOLD

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  • USS Shenandoah Moored to USS Patoka

    SKU: 21-P-424

     Small original snapshot, 4.5x3.25", b&w. Shows the bow of the Shenandoah connected to the mooring mast of the USS Patoka.  Very good. SOLD

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