• Commander U.S.S. Shenandoah Letter - 1923

    SKU: 21-ZEPP-346

     Fascinating two-page letter from LCDR Frank R. McCrary, USN, the Navy's first Lighter-than-Air (LTA) pilot and Commander of ZR-1, U.S.S. Shenandoah, to a journalist at the Boston Post.  In the letter, McCrary discusses the Navy Day flight of the ZR-1 over New England and then talks about the ZR-3 arriving from Germany but without any newsmen on board.  He then describes why a polar flight of the Shenandoah would be unwise and that carrying journalists would be unlikely.  A lengthy and newsworthy letter from a very important airship pioneer, on NAS Lakehurst letterhead dated 26 Nov 1923 and with the envelope intact.  Good with usual folds and paperclip rust.  A truly historic and important airship letter. 

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  • Early Balloon Advertising Card - 1908

    SKU: 21-ZEPP-345

     Invitation to Philadelphia Aeronautical Recreation Society inflation of the balloon "Philadelphia" on June 27, 1908.  Signed by a member at right margin.  Postcard size 5.75x3.75".  About good, two tape pieces on reverse not affecting image.  Very early and colorful balloon piece.

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  • Early Balloon Letterhead - circa 1905

    SKU: 21-ZEPP-344

     Letterhead paper (unused) for C.C. Phelps. balloon manufacturer and exhibition company.  Colorful photo and text along with a date block:  ......190..  So this must have been intended for 1900-1909, a very popular period for ballooning at state fairs and other celebrations.  Very good, small chip lower right corner. (Note: image is of the top one-third of paper, blank below)

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  • 1933 Century of Progress Souvenir Card

    SKU: 21-ZEPP-343

     Small 3.75x2.75" card with a photo of the Goodyear "Puritan" launching.  Ink inscription on the reverse: "Goodyear "Puritan" ride in this July 11, 1933".  My guess is that this card was presented to passengers who flew on the Puritan during the Century of Progress Expo.  Excellent.

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  • U.S.S. Los Angeles in Profile - circa 1925

    SKU: 21-P-342

     Real photo postcard, 3.5x5.5", b&w.  Clements copyright in negative.  Excellent, unused. SOLD

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  • U.S.S. Los Angeles "Resting" - circa 1925

    SKU: 21-P-341

     Real photo postcard, 3.5x5.5", b&w. Unused, very good, pencil ID on reverse says photograper is Rell Clements, Jr.  SOLD

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  • U.S. Los Angeles at Mooring Mast San Diego

    SKU: 21-P-340

     Real photo postcard, 3.5x5.5", b&w.  Postally used, pencil text and postmarked 1932, San Diego.  Very good. SOLD

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  • Los Angeles at Lakehurst - circa 1925

    SKU: 21-P-339

     Real photo postcard, 3.5x5.5", b&w.  Unused but lengthy ink message on the back, some refering to seeing the airship.  Good. SOLD

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  • Airship in Dock - 1928

    SKU: 21-P-338

     Real photo postcard, 3.5x5.5", b&w.  Likely the Los Angeles at Lakehurst.  Small photographer's logo in negative lower left; dated 1928.  Excellent.

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  • U.S.S. Los Angeles at Lakehurst - 1928

    SKU: 21-P-337

     Real photo postcard, 3.5x5.5", b&w.  Photographer's logo and date in lower right of negative. Pencil ID on reverse, very good, unused.

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