• Farman Paris Aero Tour Brochure - 1919

    SKU: 21-AIR-1

     Gorgeous 5x7" tri-fold color brochure of Paris air tours from Farman Aerodrome in F.40, Goliath and Limosine Farman models.  Inside are advertising plates and prices.  Back has a lovely map and a schedule.  Excellent; two file annotations on front cover.  SOLD

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  • Pan American Airways Sikorsky S-41 - 1930

    SKU: 21-P-151

     Original 10x8" b&w of the S-41 with Pan American text on tail boom.  Text in negative bottom right is dated 8-30-30, also pencil identification on reverse.  Very good.  SOLD

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  • Century Air Lines Stinson SM-6000 - circa 1930

    SKU: 21-P-129

     Original 10x8" b&w of the Stinson with company logo on the vertical stabilizer and Century Air Lines on the side of the fuselage.  Century had a rough strike in 1932 that included a lock-out of pilots and the hiring of replacements.  It was ugly and eventually resulted in the sale of the air line.  Very good. SOLD

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  • Boeing 40-B4 Varney Airlines Mailplane - 1930

    SKU: 21-P-118

     Original Boeing factory 10x8" b&w photo.  Appears to be an American Express diamond logo aft of the engine and a Varney Airlines/U.S. Air Mail emblem aft of cockpit.  Boeing legend in the negative lower right with date of 8-18-30 and embossed Boeing logo lower left corner.  Very good. SOLD

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  • Boeing 40-B4 Mailplane - 1930

    SKU: 21-P-117

     Original Boeing factory 10x8" b&w of this mailplane version with windows in the passenger compartment.  Boeing Air Transport emblem below cockpit and Boeing NC number on tail.  Lower right in negative is Boeing ID and date 7-30-30; lower left has embossed old-style Boeing logo.  Very good.

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  • Boeing 40A Mailplane - 1928

    SKU: 21-P-116

     Original Boeing Company 9.5x7.5" b&w photo with Boeing design number and date of 12-26-28 in negative, lower right.  Also lower right is an embossed Boeing logo.  Sharp, crisp image of the mailplane with an American Express logo aft of engine, Boeing Air Transport emblem aft of cockpit and CAM 18 on tail.  Very good. SOLD

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  • Boeing 40A Mailplane - 1926

    SKU: 21-P-115

     Original 10x8" b&w news photo of a National Air Transport/United Airlines mail plane, likely on the ramp at Chicago's Municipal Airport.  Unusual shot of what appears to be a surveyor with transit on teh upper wing and two crewmen at the portable tail wheel ready to rotate the aircraft.  Rubber stamp on the reverse from the Metropolitan Newsreel, Municipal Airport, Chicago.  Very good; some album remnants on reverse.

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  • Ryan M-1 Color Print - United Airlines Collector Series (1977)

    SKU: 21-P-109

     Original United Airlines print, 11x8.5" of the Ryan M-1 operated by Pacific Air Transport 1926-27.  PAT was a predecessor of United Airlines; only nine M-1's were built.  Print is accompanied by a book-mark sized description of the print with specifications of the M-1.  Good +, on heavy stock, some light toning at 3-hole acetate folder locations.

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  • United Airlines Ford Trimotor

    SKU: 21-P-44

     Original 10x8" b&w photo of a/c No. 101, Registration NC 24H, logo on rear fuselage: "United/NAT/Airlines".  Very good; album remnants on reverse.

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  • Early Press Photo of Dornier Flying Boat Lifted onto Catapult of German Liner "Westfalen" - 1933

    SKU: 21-P-34

     Original 9x7" press photo of catapult tests.  The Westfalen was capable of lauching a 17 ton hydroplane at a speed of 93 mph!  Lengthy press release dated 2/28/33 pasted on reverse. Excellent. SOLD

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