Aircraft Parts

  • WWII Black ID Model - Japanese Twin Engine Fighter

    SKU: 21-PRTS-13

     Hard/solid black polymer model, about 1:72 scale, wingspan 9", length 6.5", dull black finish.  Text molded in bottom reads: "IRVING/JAP.F.&REC./MAY/45".  Very good; light surface grime.

    Price: $135.00
  • WWII Royal Australian Air Force Pilot Kneeboard

    SKU: 21-UN-19

     Unusual (and unused) vintage pilot's flight computer for use in a single seat aircraft.  Top aluminum cover has the classic rotating flight computer for time, distance, airspeed, etc.  Stamped at the top of the outside cover with "Ident No. G6B/145", " King's Crown and R.A.A.F." and "Serial Number WG/1652*". At the bottom is "Computer Navigational Mk.III.D."  Flip open the cover and you find the classic rotating drift track for displaying course.  At the side, lower right, is a knob that scrolls an inside moving airspeed graph.  Inside the open cover is a small notebook for recording flight data. The unit is very heavy (about 2.5 lb) and is unused including the notebook.  The entire unit is in excellent unused condition (one screw holding back leg contour bracket is missing but easily replaced)  SOLD

    Price: $0.00
  • Airship "Akron" Duralumin Ashtray

    SKU: 21-ZEPP-350

     Stamped ashtray (4.5" diameter) with text around the flat:  "Duralumin", "Used in the Airship Akron", "Goodyear Zeppelin Corporation".  Additionally there is a 1.25" shield picturing the Akron in the center-bottom with similar text to that stamped on the lip of the ashtray.  Very good.  One of the nicer Akron souvenirs and in very good condition.  SOLD

    Price: $0.00

    SKU: 21-PRTS-12

     A complete sextant in the original wood box.  Sextant has data plate as does the wooden box.  Seems to be complete with plastic disc envelope, lead pencil envelope and an instruction envelope that refers to T.O. 05-35-12.  Very good original condition, name O'Connor stenciled on box lid.  Only flaw is one hinge on top of box is broken.

    Price: $125.00
  • WWII C-47 Transport Hollow ID Model

    SKU: 21-PRTS-10

     Scale 1:72, wingspan 15.5", length 10.5".  Nicely detailed with window putlines, engine cylinders, ailerons, elevators, etc.  Original label on bottom reads: "USN R4D-1/USA C-47/Comm DC-3/ {date} 5/43".  Excellent original condition.

    Price: $175.00
  • WWII RAF Dehaviland Mosquito Hollow Plastic ID Model

    SKU: 21-PRTS-9

     Scale 1:72, wingspan 8.5", length 6.5".  Hollow with wire suspension hook behind canopy.  Two labels on bottom: red "MOSQUITO" and a round decal that looks like "WALL -5".  Some highlight wear with white polymer showing.  Left engine nacelle has some filler on the bottom.  Generally very good.  Again, not many of these survived and all are very collectible.

    Price: $125.00
  • WWII Cruver P-40 Hard Plastic ID Model

    SKU: 21-PRTS-8

     1:72 scale, wingspan 6", length 5.5".  Nice detail with gear-up, exhaust ports, ailerons, flaps, etc.  Hallmark cast into wing bottom:  "U.S.A. P-40  circle C for Cruver and date of 4-44".  Excellent condition. 

    Price: $165.00
  • WWII School-Built Wood ID Model - Curtiss F3F

    SKU: 21-PRTS-5

     Wooden carved ID model, 1:72 scale.  Wing-span 5.25", length 4".  Nicely detailed with thread strut wires (one missing), canopy outlines and landing gear (up).  Paper label on bottom wing reads: "F3F-2".  Schoolboys were urged to produce these for pilot training bases in WWII.  They are very fragile and not many survived.  About good+.

    Price: $35.00
  • Flight Computer Lot of 5 - circa 1960

    SKU: 21-PRTS-1

     Two (2) Type CPU 26 A/P computers, one in plastic sleeve, Felsenthal Instruments Co., each with different mil spec and contract numbers.  One larger Type MB-4 but missing slide.  One circular MB-9 for supersonic flight, Allegheny Plastic Co.  One Weems Mark II plotter (right end broken and missing.  Classic "Cold War" military pilot and navigator tools.

    Price: $35.00
  • Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Data Plate

    SKU: 20-PRTS-9

     Original data plate for this famous engine in service since the 1920's.  This one carrries the Mft ID No. 22314 which may place it in the 1940's.  One of the helicopters I flew, the Sikorsky H-19 was powered by this engine.  Come to think of it, I blame this engine for much of my hearing loss! SOLD

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