Aircraft Parts

  • WWI German Aircraft Lozenge Fabric Piece

    SKU: 21-PRTS-4

     Original 13"w x 9"h fabric piece from a German WWI aircraft.  Typical colorful lozenge pattern.  Several folds as collected and transported as a souvenir from the WWI battlefields.  No external provenance but I guarantee it to be absolutely authentic.  Good condition. SOLD

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  • WWI Aldis Gunsight & Wooden Crate

    SKU: 21-PRTS-3

     Famous Aldis optical sight as used in fighters.  Brass tube with clear lenses(circular sight ring inside).  Stamped text in tube at "eye-end":  "ALDIS UNIT SIGHT/BRIT. PAT. No 130706/ALDIS BROTHERS/BIRMINGHAM/No140049".  The wooden shipping/storage crate has the original white stencil on the top.  All hinges and locking devices intact and very good.  Both the sight and wooden case are very good with only age wear.  Only the second one I have handled in 50 years. (Extra shipping charges will be necessary...please inquire) SOLD

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  • WWI Cooper Bomb

    SKU: 21-PRTS-2

     Famous WWI bomb (disarmed, of course) as used by British and U.S. Air Services.  Includes often-missing cast iron screw-on nose protector.  Some splits in the wooden tail separator, otherwise good + condition.  Quite rare and seldom offered.  I have one in my collection for which I paid considerably more.  (Very heavy; will require extra shipping charges....please inquire) SOLD

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  • Flight Computer Lot of 5 - circa 1960

    SKU: 21-PRTS-1

     Two (2) Type CPU 26 A/P computers, one in plastic sleeve, Felsenthal Instruments Co., each with different mil spec and contract numbers.  One larger Type MB-4 but missing slide.  One circular MB-9 for supersonic flight, Allegheny Plastic Co.  One Weems Mark II plotter (right end broken and missing.  Classic "Cold War" military pilot and navigator tools.

    Price: $35.00
  • Graf Zeppelin Fabric

    SKU: 20-ZEPP-123

     Small (3/8" square) fabric piece mounted in a fancy photo frame and folder.  Shows a Limited Edition count of 2/100.  

    Price: $45.00
  • Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Data Plate

    SKU: 20-PRTS-9

     Original data plate for this famous engine in service since the 1920's.  This one carrries the Mft ID No. 22314 which may place it in the 1940's.  One of the helicopters I flew, the Sikorsky H-19 was powered by this engine.  Come to think of it, I blame this engine for much of my hearing loss! 

    Price: $25.00
  • Goodyear Zeppelin Airship Dock Bank - circa 1932

    SKU: 20-ZEPP-55

     A very rare bank, 7.25" L x 2.5" W x 2.25" H, highly detailed cast aluminum.  Both sides have text above the windows: "Goodyear Zeppelin (w/winged shoe)".  Below the windows on one side is: "Airship Dock Akron Ohio" and on the other side: "Made of Duraluminum used in Airship 'Akron'/Length 1175 Width 325 Height 211 Ft.".  Slot in one end for your savings, round port on the bottom for extracting savings.  Takes a two-prong key which is not present (I have reason to believe this type of key is easily found). Green felt on the bottom may be a replacement.  Otherwise very good. 

    Price: $245.00
  • Airship Fabric - circa 1950s

    SKU: 20-ZEPP-52

     Large 18x18" silver airship fabric, black reverse.  On the center of the fabric is a neatly applied blimp outline in stitched holes.  Would make a nice wall display in the Airship Addict's Man/Woman Cave!  Previously 8-folded but likely could be ironed flat.  Very good with expected light soiling from aging.

    Price: $110.00
  • Small Piece of U.S. Navy Airship Girder.

    SKU: 20-ZEPP-47

     Duraluminum frame piece, 2"W x 6.25"L, remnants of brown, green and blue primer.  Unknown type, class or number of the airship but likely from the boneyard at Lakehurst.  Very good original relic. COA from Borough of Lakehurst Historical Museum.

    Price: $20.00
  • U.S. Navy Blimp Fabric w/ Provenance - circa 1950's

    SKU: 20-ZEPP-46

     Rubberized silver fabric piece, 4 x 5.5".  Certificate of Priovenance by a former blimp crew member.  Also his business card and the original envelope in which the lot was shipped in 2008.  Very good.

    Price: $20.00