Aircraft/Engine Paper

  • I.A.R. Roumanian Pursuit Airplane - NACA Circular No. 144 - 1931

    SKU: 21-CAT-165

     The I.A.R. Pursuit Airplane (Roumanian), A One-Place Cantilever Low-Wing Monoplane.  National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Washington, 1930.  7pp, illus with drawings and photos, 8.5x11", blue paper cover, stapled.  Very good; cover toning on edges.  Classy fighter, open cockpit, looks very fast and reminiscent of the 1930s Cleveland racers. 

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  • Amiot 140M Airplane - NACA Circular No. 134 - 1931

    SKU: 21-CAT-164

     The Amiot 140 M Military Airplane (French), An All-Metal Multiplace High Wing Monoplane. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Washington, 1931.  12pp, illus with drawings and photos, 8.5x11", blue paper cover, stapled.  Good; cover edge chips, back cover loose and light library stamps.  Advertised as a fighter but very large; pilot and gunners exposed but a large length-wise windowed observation area along the belly.

    Price: $12.00
  • Caproni "90 P.B. Military Biplane" - NACA Circular No. 121 - 1930

    SKU: 21-CAT-163

     The Caproni "90 P.B." Military Airplane (Italian), A Giant Biplane of 6000 Horsepower.  National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Washington, 1930.  9pp, illus with drawings and photos, 8.5x11", blue paper cover, stapled.  Good; cover edge chips,tape over staples and light library stamps.  At the time of the first flight in 1929, this Caproni was the world's largest airplane!

    Price: $12.00
  • WWII P-39 Flight Manual - 1943

    SKU: 21-PILOT-75

     Original Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for the P-39Q1.  34pp, illus, 8.5x11", in modern fiberboard folder.  Marked "RESTRICTED" on each page.  Excellent.

    Price: $170.00
  • WWII BT-13A & BT-15 Pilot Manual - 1941/43

    SKU: 21-PILOT-74

     Original Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for this classic early WWII trainer.  30pp, illus, 8.5x11", in modern fiberboard cover.  Basic manual dated May 5, 1941 and revised to 1-10-43. All pages marked "RESTRICTED". Excellent.

    Price: $110.00
  • Waco Cabin Models Instruction Manual - 1934/38

    SKU: 21-PILOT-73

     Original Waco Factory Instruction Manual.  Troy, Ohio, The Waco Aircraft Company, 1938.  43pp plus 4 large foldout drawings, 8.5x11", original black flexible board covers.  Includes Assembly Instructions, Maintenance Instructions and Parts Price List.  Typewritten then printed.  Covers the following models 1934 to 1938: UKC, YKC, UKC-S, YKC-S, YKS-6, YKS-7, YKS-8.  Very good, cover embossing faint.

    Price: $85.00
  • Curtiss & Associated Companies - 1929

    SKU: 21-CAT-162

     Lavish production honoring Clement M. Keys, Chairman/CEO/President of the 23 companies covered in these 64 pages.  Each company is covered on one or more pages including their products w/photos; company officers are listed along with financials. A shocker to see the range of this conglomerate at such an early date.  Very good; light cover soil.

    Price: $45.00
  • Pitcairn Supper Mailwing Sales Flyer - circa 1930

    SKU: 21-CAT-161

     Four page, illus, 8x10.5", b&w.  Sales text and photo inside two pages, specs for the Type PA-6 on the back page.  Very good; light stains and three-fold for mailing.  ON HOLD

    Price: $30.00
  • Travel Air Catalog - 1930

    SKU: 21-CAT-160

     Large 40 page, illus, 8.5x11".  Includes an inserted "dirty purple" spec sheet for the Travel Air Challenger and a four page price list for all Travel Air aircraft.  Full page spec and photo pages of each model.  Unfortunately, there is insect chewing on cover edges and several smaller cover stains.  The type 4-D photo is also clipped.  Overall condition about fair.  A desireable period catalog in unfortunate condition and priced accordingly. SOLD

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  • Cessna C-37 Sales Flyer - circa 1937

    SKU: 21-CAT-159

     Four page, illus, 8.5x11".  Photo on front cover, specs on page 2, 3-view drawing on page 3, front and side view photos on back page.  Three-fold for mailing.  Excellent. SOLD

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