Aircraft/Engine Paper

  • First Pursuit Group Ford Tri-Motor - 1927

    SKU: 22-P-52

     B&W 8x10" showing this famous transport in Air Corps colors, tail number clearly visible as is the location on the water tower of Selfridge Field.  Ink annotation on reverse reads: "Ford Tri-Motor/Selfridge/1927/First Pursuit Group.  Very good; one small corner fold in lower right margin.

    Price: $15.00
  • Wedell Williams #44

    SKU: 22-P-45

     Printed b&w profile of this famous racer, 8.25x11", Comet model full-page ad on reverse.  Likey an insert in a model magazine circa 1930's.  Very good; would look great framed.

    Price: $8.00
  • Waco CTO Photo

    SKU: 22-P-44

     Art Davis (?) Waco CTO, 8x10", b&w, gloss.  Circa 1950s copy with ink text on reverse: "CTO Art Davis".  Very good

    Price: $8.00
  • LeRhone Engine

    SKU: 22-P-43

     Modeern 8x10" b&w of WWI LeRhone engine.  On reverse in ink: "Le Rhone Rotary Engine W.W.I/Photo taken at Ontarion Air Museum". Rubber stamp attributes photo to Robert Haas.  Very good.

    Price: $5.00
  • WWII Army Air Corps Photo

    SKU: 22-P-34

     Nice in-flight b&w matt finish 8x10" on heavy photo paper of the Lockheed Super Constellation in OD colors  Obvious Lockheed decals on the outside vertical stabilizer and the nose below the cockpit.  Carries the photo number of 121456 in the negative.  Excellent.

    Price: $15.00
  • Seversky P-35 - circa 1935

    SKU: 22-P-29

     Wright Field prototype b&w photo, 9.5x7", matt finish, thin photo paper, negative number 54270, front quartering view.  Very good; dried glue remnants on reverse.

    Price: $10.00
  • Curtiss P-26 Peashooter - circa 1935

    SKU: 22-P-28

     Wright Field prototype photo, 9.5x7.5", matt finish, thin photo paper, negative number 48664, front view. Very good

    Price: $10.00
  • Douglas YO-31C - circa 1933

    SKU: 22-P-27

     Wright Field prototype front view, 9.5x7.5", b&w, mat finish, thin photo paper. Negative number 48664. Very good; dried glue remnants on reverse.

    Price: $10.00
  • Seversky BT-8 - circa 1935

    SKU: 22-P-26

     Wright Field b&w photo, 8x10", mat finish, thin photo paper.  Front view, negative number 54036.  About fair-good; some yo-yo used the reverse to test ink pens (luckily not visible on verso); several front wrinkles.

    Price: $7.00
  • Wright Field Prototype Photo - circa 1935

    SKU: 22-P-25

     Unknown prototype designation, 9.75x6.75", b&w, mat finish, thin photo paper.  Front view and without my reference library at hand, I am unable to ID (help?). Good; top margin printed thru negative number.

    Price: $7.00