Aircraft/Engine Paper

  • WWII Lot of Four Items re: Westland Whirlwind Aircraft - 1941 to 1944

    SKU: 21-CAT-87

     Four original papers as follows:
    1) Short 7.75x5" typed message from John Brown Co. thanking Westland for Whirlwind photo, 22 Jun 1944.
    2) Carbon of letter from Chairman, Associated Electrical Industries to Lord Aberconway dated 9 Aug 1941 complaining about lack of publicity on the Whirlwind.
    3) Westland Aircraft internal memo on failure of Whirlwind tailwheel, 2 pages.
    4) Another internal memo regarding a visit to 137 Sqdn, 6 May 1942, discussing instrument and gunsight arrangements during night flights, 2 pages; also a paragraph on a structural failure.
    All very good

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  • Aero Digest, Sep 1928 - Los Angeles National Air Race Issue

    SKU: 21-CAT-86

     Large and thick issue of 265pp.  Heavily illustrated and with wonderful ads.  44 pages devoted to the Los Angeles National Air Races with a program of events and a list of exhibitors at the accompanying Aeronautical Exposition.  So much fun to read about the excitement in aviation during the Golden Age.  About good condition with usual bumps; back cover missing but contents intact.

    Price: $40.00
  • Aviation Products Company Catalog - 1936

    SKU: 21-CAT-85

     Heavily illustrated 8.5x11" catalog selling helmets, flight clothing, goggles, jewelry, instruments, aerial cameras, model supplies, aircraft radios, aircraft wood, etc.  18pp with unused order blank intact.  About good +; usual age bumps and wrinkles all there.

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  • Stearman Navy N2S Erection & Maintenance Manual (Xerox Copy) - 1941

    SKU: 21-PILOT-68

     Copy of the original manual, marked restricted, housed in fiberboard binder, 3-hole punched.  112pp, illus, original was typed.  Very good. 

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  • National Research Council of Canada Tech Report on Floats - 1937

    SKU: 21-CAT-84

     Wigdor, E.I. Report No. PAS-4, Strength Tests of Stressed-Skin Structures (Aircraft Floats).  Ottawa, NRC, July 1937. Two volumes, 8.5x11", illus, hard-bound in buckram, x-libris University of Detroit with usual stamps and paste-ons.  Vol 1:  200pp mimeo plus graphs, 30 original 8x10-size b&w photos of damage to floats; Vol 2:  8pp + graphs and 10 8x10 size b&w photos of float damage.  Assumed a very small publication run because of the original photos bound in.  Good condition for x-library copies.

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  • Boeing P-12B Lot - 1930

    SKU: 21-CAT-83

     Fascinating lot of paperwork and photos relating to The Boeing School of Aeronautics (dated 13 June 1930), The American Model League of America and an outstanding model of the P-12B built by a young man from Oakland, California.  The lot includes 1) A typed letter from the General Manager of the Boeing School to the Model League regarding the accuracy of the P-12B model, 2) A carbon of a typed letter in reply from teh League back to Boeing commenting on the wonderful nature of the model but regretting that it was submitted after the deadline, 3) Three 8x6" b&w photos of the model and the young builder next to the real P-12B (Boeing photos); each photo with a typed description on the reverse and 4) A very large 34x44" folded model plan of the P-12B from the Model League of America.   Generally good-very good condition; some spliting at the folds of the model plan.  Wow, do I ever wish I owned this model!

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  • Rare F-104 Flight Manual - 1987

    SKU: 21-PILOT-67

     Very large, thick (1.25"), approx 300 pp, illus and with 18 color foldouts at the rear.  Card covers.  Excellent.  The manual is for the Italian version of the Starfighter, the F-104S and is printed in Italy but in English.  This is the first manual I have had for this hot, hot fighter.

    Price: $225.00
  • WWII B-29 Flight Manual - 1945

    SKU: 21-PILOT-66

     Original Pilot Manual dated 20 May 1945 for this famous WWII bomber.  108pp, illus, 8.5x11".  Originally bound with one staple upper left which has rusted and is gone.  Therefore pages are loose but in very good condition. Pencil name of a 2nd Lt on cover page upper right margin.

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  • B-29/A/B/Receiver Flight Manual - 1947/50

    SKU: 21-PILOT-65

     Pilot Flight Manual for this famous bomber.  245pp, illus, 8.5x11", in original fiber-board covers.  This manual covers 4 models to include the refueling version.  Very good original condition.

    Price: $150.00
  • Fabulous Tyco Instrument Catalog - 1928

    SKU: 21-CAT-82

     Lovely art deco card cover as shown, 7.5x10.5", 32pp, photo illus on each page, covers a/c instruments, thermometers, meteorograph (at $1500), barometers, recording thermometers, anemometers, etc.  Generally very good; light water stain/wrinkle at top of pages at spine.

    Price: $75.00