Aircraft/Engine Paper

  • WWII P-40 Pilot Training Manual - 1944

    SKU: 21-PILOT-59

     Original training manual, 8x10.5", 94pp, illus, all pages and cover marked "Restricted".  Organized very similar to a Dash-1 but with simpler language and diagrams.  Condition about good; one small chip from front cover, edge bumping and light soiling.  Quite desirable and seldom found. (Automatic shopping cart feature not available for this item.  Inquire and invoice will be sent)

    Price: $145.00
  • Original Pen & Ink 3-View of Lockheed Orion - 1933

    SKU: 21-CAT-31

     Heavy manila card stock, 8x11", with lettered text: "LOCKHEED 'ORION'/ -Seven place, high speed transport".  One-of-a-kind ink drawing, possibly for a model airplane magazine.  In the bottom margin in very small ink is "220 mph" and "4/9/33".  Very good; small pin holes upper left and right margins.

    Price: $40.00
  • Vought V-80 Land and Seaplane Photo - 1934

    SKU: 21-P-418

     Original Vought Company 8x10" b&w showing both the land and seaplane versions of the V-80.  Both aircraft are pictured in one photo with identifying text in the negative, dated 5-10-1934.  Excellent; one small staple hole in upper left margin.

    Price: $25.00
  • WWII P-39 Official USAAF Photo

    SKU: 21-P-412

     Front-quartering view of a P-39, tail number 17246, 8x10", b&w.  Text above aircraft reads: "37mm, M4, automatic cannon.  Showing P-39 installation firing through hub of propeller".  Official photo number 90465.  Very good, 3-hole punched upper margin.

    Price: $20.00
  • WWII P-63 Official USAAF Photo

    SKU: 21-P-411

     Front quartering photo of a P-63, tail number 238961.  Typed text above aircraft reads: "37mm, M9A1, aircraft cannon.  Showing P-63 installation firing through hub of propeller".  Official photo number 142411. Very good, 3-hole punched upper margin.

    Price: $20.00
  • WWII P-39 Official USAAF Photo

    SKU: 21-P-410

     Port-side profile 8x10" b&w, tail number 43919.  Typed text above aircraft reads "37mm, M4, automatic cannon.  Showing P-39 installation firing through hub of propeller".  Photo number 142429.  Very good; 3-hole punched top margin.

    Price: $20.00
  • Boeing Promotional Flyer, P-12B

    SKU: 21-CAT-29

     One page 8.5x11" piece with a three-view drawing of the Boeing P-12B at the top.  Text below describes the aircraft, talks about the company and its business units, and the Boeing School of Aeronautics.  One horizontal center fold, else very good. 

    Price: $15.00
  • Gunships

    SKU: 21-V-3

     Davis, Larry.  GUNSHIPS - A Pictorial History of Spooky.  Squadron/Signal Publ, 1982.  64pp, heavily illus, wrps, 8.5x11".  Covers gunship models B-25, B-26, C-47, C-119, C-123 and C-130 gunships (plus other more minor players).  Excellent.  Fascinating history of these remarkable and deadly aircraft.  Personal note: I cleared the firing range for the AC-130's at Ubon RTAFB, 1968 and got to personally watch them wipe out jet engine cans.  Looked like a twinkling star at night as the guns fired!

    Price: $12.00
  • Cierva Autogiro C.30 Report - 1938

    SKU: 21-CAT-28

     Hufton, P.A. et al.  General Investigation into the Characteristics of the C.30 Autogiro. London, Aeronautical Research Committee, 1938.  70pp, illus with photos and graphs, 9x12", wrps, tied with cord.  Good, one cover chip, normal light soil and wrinkles.  Unusual report of full-scale testing of a Cierva Gyroplane in British colors!

    Price: $65.00
  • De Havilland Gipsy Moth Rigging/Maintenance Notes - 1927

    SKU: 21-PILOT-56

     Original handbook for this classic biplane.  The De Havilland Aircraft Co., Middlesex, 1927.  18pp, 10 large foldout drawings, stiff cloth covers, 2-hole cord binding. Fair, pages loose.  A number of these are still flying....add this manual to yours!

    Price: $85.00