Air Race

  • Aviator Charles Weymann at French Aero Meet - 1911

    SKU: 21-P-453

     Original 5x7" sepia-tone photo of well-known aviator Weymann being welcomed by a large group of French military and civilians.  Sharp photographer and date stamps (15 Nov 1911) along with a handwritten title on the reverse.  Very good.

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  • Original 1911 Paris-Rome Air Race Photo

    SKU: 21-P-451

     Historic 5x7" sepia-tone photo of Jean Louis Conneau in flight during the Paris-Rome Air Race of 1911.  Conneau was a famous French aviator, holding pilot license #7.  He won three well-known air races:  Paris-Rome 1911, Daily Mail Circuit of Britain and Paris-Madrid.  He went on to command a flying boat squadron in WWI.  Photo has a press stamp on the reverse, handwritten text and a stamped date of 29 May 1911.  Good+, some toning and wrinkles upper left margin.

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  • Bleriot at Reims - 1909

    SKU: 21-P-450

     Historic original 5x7" sepia-tone press photo of Louis Bleriot being interviewed by the Reims Committee.  The aero meet at Reims was, of course, the first recognized aviation meet featuring heavier-than-air aeroplanes.  Bleriot had a strong showing, winning a prize for the fastest lap and exciting the crowd when his aircraft crashed and burst into flames.  Identifying text in ink on the reverse along with stamps of the photographer and an engineer.  Very good.

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  • Nieuport-Macchi M.7 Schneider Trophy Advertising Brochure - 1921

    SKU: 21-AR-4

     Four page flyer, 9x11.5".  Inside pages detail the race results from 30 July to 10 August with highlights for winning pilot De Briganti flying entry M7, a Nieuport-Macchi flying boat.  Rubber stamps on the front cover from the Paris Office of the N.A.C.A.  Good +; a few small tears in the right margin. SOLD

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  • Paris Aviation Exposition Vendor Application Form - 1921

    SKU: 21-AR-22

     Unused four-page 8.5x11" form for exhibitors in this 12-27 Nov 1921 exhibition.  Front page has lines to be filled-in; partial page 1, pages 2-3 and partial page 4 has rules of the exhibition and bottom of page four lists the exhibition categories.  French text and likely from the Paris NACA files, interesting look at how these early exhibitions were organized.  Good; a few minor interior stain spots.

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  • Farman Announcement of Aviation Prizes - 1923

    SKU: 21-CAT-38

     Fancy printed two-color 4-page flyer, 6.25x8.25".  Announces on the front cover the winning of first and second place prizes at the Grand Prix des Avions de Transport, Sep 1923 by two Farman transportsInside is a two-page description of the Grand Prix and a list of characteristics of the two Farman Aircraft winners.  The back page includes more technical information and information on the winning results for the Farman Monoplan and Goliath.  French text. About good; staple holes left margin.

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  • Roscoe Turner (?) Late-Life Portrait

    SKU: 21-P-429

     Nice 8x10" in front of a modern (circa 1960's) aircraft.  Not sure this is Roscoe, but the dimples and smile look like this dapper pilot later in life.  Very good; photographer rubber stamp on reverse.

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  • Jimmy Haizlip

    SKU: 21-P-428

     Nice smiling portrait of race legend Jimmy Haizlip, likely in front of one of his racers.  7x5", b&w, very good, ink on reverse identifies it as from Nat'l Air Museum. SOLD

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  • Flown Mail on London-Melbourne Race, Pilot Roscoe Turner - 1934

    SKU: 21-AR-20

     Inrteresting envelope with rubber stamp logo: "Carried by us in the Mac Robertson International Air Race London Melbourne, 3rd Place, Time 3 days, 21 hrs, 5 min, 2 sec, Commander American Crew Col. Roscoe Turner".  Carries both British and Australain stamps and cancellations.  Addressed to Turner in Melcourne. Very good and quite displayable in that all information is on the front of the envelope; no backstamps.

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  • Original 1910 Photo of French Pilot Metrot in Lyon - 1910

    SKU: 21-P-420

     French news photo, 5x7", B&W, with news agency "AGENCE INTERRNATIONALE" rubber stamp on reverse and text about subject of the photo.  Seems to be the original photo from which my postcard 20-P-45 was produced.  Very good; light soil on reverse. SOLD

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