Air Race

  • Buehl & Gann - National Air Race Sketchbook

    SKU: 21-AR-10

     Buehl, Fred W. and Harry S. Gann. The National Air-Race Sketchbook, 1930-1949.  Los Angeles, Floyd Clymer, 1949.  84pp, illus with drawings and 3-views, 8.5x11".  Very good.  SOLD

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  • Kinert - Racing Planes and Air Races - 1967

    SKU: 21-AR-9

     Kinert, Reed.  Racing Planes and Air Races, Vol III (1932-1939).  Fallbrook CA, Aero Publishers, 1967.  96pp, photo illus, wrps, 7.25x10.75".  Very good. Nice reference with excellent b&w photos of racing aircraft of the period.

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  • Christy - Racing Planes Guide - 1963

    SKU: 21-AR-8

     Christy, Joe.  Racing Planes Guide (Modern Aircraft Series).  Sports Car Press, 2nd Printing, 1966.  140pp, illus, 5x8", x-library with usual stamps, original pictorial soft covers rebound to stiff covers.  Reading/reference copy, back page loose.  Fair.

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  • 1932 Cleveland National Air Race Participant Solicitation Booklet

    SKU: 21-AR-7

     Very rare 8.5x11" with color front cover and famous National Air Race logo on rear cover.  20pp, booklet starts with a plea to participate (see right photo) and then continues with an extensive list of all the races and prizes ($100K total).  No advertising unlike the actual programs. Only one of these I have ever seen.

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  • 1929 Cleveland National Air Race Program

    SKU: 21-AR-6

     Inaugural program for this first Cleveland National Air Race.  Cleveland, Davis & Cannon Printers, 1929.  65pp, illus, ads, program schedule, trophies, aviation articles, etc.  Very rare program and only the third I have been able to offer.  The condition is very good, the cover is bright with some light foxing and the text block is sound.  A centerpiece of any 1920's - 1930's air racing collection.

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  • 1932 Cleveland National Air Race Program

    SKU: 21-AR-5

      Beautiful Charles Hubbell cover.  48pp, 9x12", sound condition, no marks, clean, bright cover, about excellent.   One of the nicest I have ever handled. The 1931 and 1932 programs with Hubbell covers are getting very difficult to find.

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  • Early Irvin Air Chute Bag - Circa 1925-35

    SKU: 21-MISC-40

     Tan canvas bag about 15"x15"x20" with a top flap secured by 7- Carr Fast Co. post fasteners and front & rear loop web carrying handles.  Flap carries the stenciled logo of Irving.  Included is a postal cover commemorating the fatal flight of Paul Redfern attempting a solo flight from Brunswick, NJ to Rio de Janeiro in 1927.  The story attached to this bag is that it belonged to Redfern but I have no documentation.  Nevertheless, a very early artifact from the Golden Age of Aviation.  Structurally sound with no tears but with soiling throughout.

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  • Jules Fisher in His Monaco-Winning Farman - 1912

    SKU: 21-P-457

     Original 5x7" sepia-tone photo of Jules Fisher, an unknown passenger and Fisher's ragdoll mascot in the nose of his Farman hydro-aeroplane.  Photographer and engineer's rubber stamps on the reverse, a stamped date of "1 Apr 1912" and hand-written text.  Very good.  A truly precious image, especially with the mascot!  SOLD

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  • Original Photo of Charles Weymann at Weight-In - 1911

    SKU: 21-P-456

     Vintage 1911 5x7" sepia-tone photo of Charles Weymann at a Reims Military Concours.  Weymann is well-known for his flying at Reims 1910, Paris-Rome Race 1911, Circuit European, 1912 Gordon Bennett and the 1912 Monaco Hydro-Aeroplane Race.  Photographer stamp and stamped date of 15 Nov 1911, along with hand-written text, on the reverse.  Very good. 

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  • Original Grand Prix d' Aviation Angers (Circuit d'Anjou) Photo - 1912

    SKU: 21-P-454

     Aerial photo (?) of the viewing stands with hangars at the back, 5x7", sepia-tone.  Photographer stamps on the reverse along with handwritten descriptive text.  Negative number lower right.  About fair; unfortunate black ink "swipe" about where the entrace gate is shown, lower left.  Toning and wrinkles upper right.  Doubt that there are many photos in existence of this airfield. SOLD

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