Air Race

  • Henri Fournier Promotional Photo - 1909

    SKU: 21-P-354

     Original 5x7" b&w photo of French pilot (and famous auto race driver/maufacturer) in the seat of his Voisin biplane during a 1909 French Aero Meet. He entered in two aero meets that year and crashed in both!  Excellent condition with small ink "Fournier" in upper right corner.

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  • Mitchel Field Air Demonstration Program - 1925

    SKU: 21-AR-13

     Uncommon program for this all-military air show with air races.  16pp, illus, advertisements, 9x12", photos of Mason Patrick and Billy Mitchell.  Early post-WWI air meet program.  Contents very good, unfortunate silver-fish chewing on spine edge of front cover and a little on fore-edge, thankfully not affecting images. SOLD

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  • Omaha Aero Congress Broadside - 1921

    SKU: 21-AR-12

     Large 11x22" advertising piece for the November 3-5, 1921 Omaha Aero Congress.  Folded laterally three-times, photo collage top half followed by an extensive description of Omaha aviation interest and the various events.  Would frame nicely.  About fair because of frail folds and edge bumps.  This is the only one of these I have encountered. (Note:  because of scanner limitations, the bottom 20% is not shown)

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  • Advance Information....Formation of NAA - 1922

    SKU: 21-B-8

     Advance Information on the Second National Aero Congress to Form a National Aeronautic Association.  Board of Commerce Building, Detroit, Michigan, Oct 12-14, 1922.  The Advance Committee on Organization, Washington and Detroit, 24pp, illus, 6x9", wrps.  Convention program, map showing air and rail travel times across the US, map of the Selfridge Field National Air Races on these same dates, registation form and a list of the Detroit Aviation Society members.  Poor-fair, center four pages roughly torn from staples.

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  • 1909 Doncaster Aviation Meet Souvenir Program - S.F. Cody Autograph

    SKU: 21-AR-11

     Vintage, original program for the first aviation meet in England.  125x185mm, 7 facing page caricatures of participating aviators.  First page shows Samuel F. Cody, American aviator and first to fly heavier-than-air in England, with his signature in pencil above.  Very rare program with an ultra-rare signature of a real unique character.  About good +, center page is loose from staples.

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  • Frank Hawks Photo & Autograph - 1931/35

    SKU: 21-AR-10

     Small 3x2" original snapshot with pencil text on reverse: "Capt Frank Hawks in Shreveport, La., August 1931".  Along with a 3x5" card with ink autograph: "Frank Hawks/Aug 23, 1935". Very good.

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  • Margaret Perry, 1929 Powder Puff Race Pilot

    SKU: 21-AR-9

     Original 9x7", b&w photo with pencil text on the reverse: "Margaret G. Perry and group before race at Spartan Field - Red Crown & Lerotene Aircraft oil used exclusively".  Margaret flew in the first Powder Puff Race, 1929 but did not finish, having dropped out in Abilene with typhoid fever.  One vertical tear top right, otherwise very good.

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  • Air Racing Results - 8 Vol Set

    SKU: 21-AR-8

     Williams, Gary (compiler).  Air Racing Results.  Phoenix, privately printed, 2006.  Eight volume set, wrps, plastic comb binding.  Each volume about 200pp, illus with photos of race tickets, progams and posters.  Vol I [1909-1918], Vol II [1919-1927], Vol III [1928-1930], Vol IV [1931-1933], Vol V [1934-1941], Vol VI [1946-1976], Vol VII [1977-1991], Vol VIII [1992-2005].  This little-known publication distributed by the author is a true gem in any serious aviation collection.  One-stop reference for anything air racing.  Very good condition.  SOLD

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  • Frank Hawk Racer Press Photo - 1938

    SKU: 21-P-351

     Original 8.5x6.5" b&w International News press photo with press release on the back.  Typed release speaks to this aircraft expected to fly in the Bendix and Thompson races of 1938 and then be modified for sale to a foreign government.  Very good condition. SOLD

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  • Colorized Roscoe Turner Photo

    SKU: 21-AR-6

     Famous 12x10" photo of Roscoe Turner, his lion cub and his famous aircraft.  This is a more recent (but faithful) copy of an original from the 1930s which I have owned many years ago.  Excellent and with a nice blue-green mat. SOLD

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